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Making for The Metaverse

Defining the Future of VFX & Creative Technology

VFX World announced the incorporation of award-winning VFX studio MPC Advertising into The Mill. By bringing together two of the industry’s best visual arts studios, we further invest in technology and innovation sharing, with the aim of defining the future of VFX and creative technology in the advertising and brand experience space.

As we continue to develop and evolve our service offering across VFX, Creative Production and Brand Experience, we will continue to grow our Virtual Production capabilities and drive innovation in the use of real-time game engines, XR, Spatial Experience and creating for The Metaverse. 

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Making for The Metaverse

The VFX World Eco-System

The Eco-System is intertwined to support itself using the $VFX World Coin to seamlessy to encourage it users to use multiple products from the VFX World Eco- system exposing them to more crypto products in a more user friendly experience.

Holders of the $VFX World Coin will be able to strake on Paraswap Dec to stake for yield returns varying based on the length of your stake. This process of staking will give you permission to take part in our Parapad Launchpad Listing.

VFX World Events will allow users to watch and attend Real World YouTuber boxing events hosted by us, giving stakers and NFT holders first access to tickets in the form of a NFT that can be brought via the $VFX World Coin

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What Is The Scope Of

Animation And VFX In The Future?

In the field of animation, getting knowledge about the right techniques and practical experience is a must.


Storyboarding Artist

Storyboarding Artists create a visual representation of the sequence or film by drawing sketches frame-by-frame. This helps the filmmakers, advertisers, and producers to assess the project.


Character Animators –

Bringing characters to life-giving them movements, expressions, and dialogues is what makes an engaging story. Character Animators are the ones who do that in films, tv shows, games, etc.


Rigging Artists

They are responsible for adding bones and skin to the animated characters. A Rigging Artist makes sure that the whole character works together and doesn’t break while animating.

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